Never two cards alike!
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Epp's Empire

About Epp
Hi there! I’m Epp Harmon. Before moving to The United States a few years ago I made my living as an artist and gallery owner in my native country Estonia. Today, America (especially beautiful Central Oregon) feels homelike already to run my artisan business on this side of the Ocean.

About Epp's Empire
Realizing that my hand crafted greeting cards have become somewhat legendary among my American friends and family I decided to roll up my sleeves to found Epp's Empire and create a series of unique card collections (Adventure, Earth, Crazy, Romantic, Celebrate!) for customers with different tastes and needs. Bear in mind that here are no two Epp’s Empire cards alike. As a unique piece of handwork, each card even has it’s own serial number!

About Environment
Despite the growing demand of my handwork, I’m all about keeping Epp’s Empire manufacturing footprint small. My elaborate designs are actually based on low-key materials: upcycled paper (old magazines, catalogues), upcycled sewing thread (bobbin ends).

About Enjoyment
I think of my cards as messengers of happiness. Being pure joy to make, they are most assuredly joy to send and joy to receive as well.


Epp Harmon